Projects primarily in information visualization.  Some involved the development of visualization toolkits; others involved adding visualizations within the context of a larger system.

  • Created novel visualizations of operational risk data (2013; Java servlets, JavaScript, D3.js, JQuery, Jade, Tomcat).
  • Contributed to a real-time, streaming Twitter visualization dashboard using a new toolkit based upon the Grammar of Graphics (2012-2013; Java servlets, JavaScript, Dojo, Tomcat). [39] [41] [VIDEO]
  • Developed OverViews for Lotus Notes (1998-2000; Java applets, Lotus Notes)–visualizations to be used in place of conventional, list-oriented Notes views for document navigation. OverViews was available publicly and presented at Lotus conferences. [B]
  • Added visualizations to numerous projects including geospatial visualization of participants in the Beyond Discussions system (2011-2012; Java, JavaScript, OpenLayers, DB2), visualizations of predictive workforce analytics (2013; Java servlets, JavaScript, D3.js, JQuery, Jade, Tomcat), and various visualizations of email data in the Reinventing Email system (2000-2004; Java, DB2). [13, 17, 40] [D] [VIDEO] [VIDEO]
  • Wrote a collaborative visualization framework (2006; Java, Piccolo, Lotus Sametime) that allowed for visualization state to be shared synchronously and “bookmarked” for asynchronous sharing. [26]
  • Investigated virtual world visualizations for distributed teams and meeting participants (2008-2010; C++, Java, Java servlets, Torque, ActionScript, Jetty, CouchDB). [31] [L] [VIDEO] [VIDEO] [VIDEO]