Information Systems

Work in novel, single-user applications including some research prototypes and some productive enterprise applications utilizing data analysis and machine learning. Some projects focused on employee expertise and recommendations. One project was a commercial, for-profit website in the early days of the commercial web.  Several projects investigated the use of large, public displays, handheld devices, and novel user interaction techniques such as gestures.

  • Implemented and deployed Chem Recommender (2017- ; NodeJS, Elasticsearch, Python, RDKit), a system for suggesting related work to medicinal chemists based upon recent entries in their lab notebooks. [42, 43, 44, 45]
  • Augmented scientists’ expertise profiles by mining scientific databases, combined with named-entity recognition and unsupervised topic modeling (2015, 2018- ; NodeJS, Elasticsearch, Python, Gensim).
  • Led development of Reinventing Email (ReMail) prototype (2000-2004; Java, Eclipse, Lotus Notes, DB2). Use of Eclipse framework for building applications led to the Eclipse “Rich Client Platform” open source project.  Transferred ReMail ideas and code to product. [13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 27] [C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, N, P] [VIDEO] [VIDEO]
  • Led the research and development of Beyond Discussions (2011-2012; Java servlets, JSP, JavaScript, Dojo, Apache HTTPD, Tomcat, DB2), a web-based collective intelligence system designed to help groups make better decisions through text and social analytics. [38] [VIDEO]
  • Team member developing the BioSample Ordering application to allow scientists to order genomic reagents for use in assays (2014; Java, Jersey, Spring, MongoDB, Chef, Jenkins).
  • Program Manager and development lead for a financial services company web site (1997-1998; C, CGI, HTML, Netscape Enterprise Server, Oracle). Constructed database of financial data, deployed secure web server, and developed programs for accessing the database, providing subscription services, generating user interface including charts and graphs, and handling electronic commerce.
  • Explored novel multimedia presentations by creating Neighborhood USA (1994; C, CGI, HTML, Netscape Enterprise Server), a prototypical small-town information service including electronic yellow pages.  Demonstrated prototype at annual National Cable Television Association conference.
  • Implemented the user interface and filtering portion of the Personalized Information Grazing Service (1988-1989; C, Andrew Toolkit, Oracle), a system for filtering the flood of electronic information. [1]
  • Developed In Your Space displays (2000; Java), LED signs to present real-time information in a public space.  Prototyped a handheld application for “adversarial collaboration” (1998; C, Palm).  [10, 11, 12]